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Meet the Team

Angeline from Laxbody

LaxBody Founder& TRAINER

Shervin is one of our most prestigious trainers in our facility. He has been an expert in EMS training for the last 4 years and personal training for 10+ years. The sports he teaches are skiing, tennis, and soccer. Shervin specializes in EMS training and therapy rehabilitation for any injuries. His experience allows you to rise to new fitness levels so you believe you can conquer the world. By motivating and monitoring his clients, we ensure to produce maximal results.  


Angeline is certified trainer and specializes in Electrical Muscle Stimulation and weight management. Angeline has been an EMS TRAINER for  3 + Years and is dedicated to helping clients achieve lasting results. Angeline believes in the life - changing benefits of fitness - physically, mentally and spiritually which is why she is so passionate about impacting the lives of her clients.


Arvin is our expert when it comes to reaching the body you desire. With up to 10+ years of personal training, and 2+ years in EMS, his knowledge in fitness and ability to execute a perfect workout routine allows him to leave his clients satisfied. Arvin develops your mind muscle connection during training, and will design an ever-progressing program that is targeted towards your specific goals. 

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