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EMS Training

EMS Studio In Toronto

Burns fat and increases muscle mass more affectively

EMS training works through a body suit that sends electrical

impulses to each major muscle group.These electrodes mimic the action of the central nervous system, which activates the muscles. By using external impulses, we are able to contract each muscle individually and simultaneously. By the age of 30, our metabolism starts to slow down and we begin to lose muscle mass. EMS training promotes a higher level of  metabolic activity during and even after our workout sessions.When your metabolism is increased, your body will optimally burn fat and increase lean muscle mass more effectively. With our new technology we can target and strengthen muscles while providing our clients with routines that leave them feeling satisfied.

EMS Studio In Toronto

Saving you valuable time while giving you desired results

Forget the notion that you need to work out for more than an hour to get results. With EMS training, you only need to work out for 20-25 minutes to achieve your goals. By transforming the rate your body uses energy, we can increase the expenditure of calories being lost. Not only does this type of training give you noticeable results, but it is extremely time -efficient so you can tackle the rest of your day feeling great! here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

EMS Training Toronto

No Heavy and Uncomfortable weights needed

By wearing our body suit, no weights are needed to achieve your goal. That means no excess pressure is placed on your joints and ligaments when training. Let the XBody do the magic while our trainers will ensure for a safe and effective workout. 

EMS Training Toronto

Symmetrize any muscular imbalances you have with our experienced trainers

Many problems that arise from weight lifting is the increase of muscular imbalance in individuals. This happens with improper form, and one side of your body being stronger than the other. EMS training stimulates all the major muscle groups in your body which helps to develop all the motor nerve connections which corrects that imbalance.

EMS Training Toronto

Reduces Cellulite! 

The benefits of EMS training do not just apply to high level athletes. By stimulating the muscle, blood circulation drastically improves throughout the skin and connective tissues. The boost helps in removing unwanted toxins from the body, creating a more elastic skin and ultimately making you look younger. By revitalizing the connective tissue and skin elasticity, EMS training in many cases can eliminate cellulite. 

Benefits of EMS Training


  • Build Muscles 

  • Improve Posture 

  • Achieve a toned body

  • Relieve Joints

  • Posture Improvement

  • Anti Cellulite

  • Saves Time

  • Balances out the muscular System 

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